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How Knak's customer success team uses Canny to streamline feedback processes

Felix Higgs
Senior CSM at Knak

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Felix Higgs is Senior Customer Success Manager at Knak. He runs the Customer Success team internally, as well as assisting some of Knak's larger clients.

He keeps customers happy, runs onboarding, does regular check-ins, and provides guidance and best practices around email and landing page creation.

He also works closely with all other departments, from development to marketing, to feed information from customers.


The success team at Knak was facing two main problems:

First, they didn’t have a single source of truth for user feedback.

Different teams were using their own methods for collecting feedback. So, it was scattered across various channels, from Google Sheets to Salesforce.

“It was impossible to get a good view of all the feedback, and correlate the data.”

The second problem was that there was no way for customers to submit their own requests.

The feedback had to come through the Customer Success team, who would then pass feedback along. This solution was inefficient, time consuming, and just didn’t work.

“We said, ‘There has to be a way to do this, there’s tools for everything.’ So, we started looking.”

The team began testing different tools. But, the feedback management tools they tried were always part of a bigger tool with a lot of features they didn’t want or need.

Canny, however, seemed to be focused on exactly what they had in mind, without the extra unnecessary bells and whistles.

“We didn’t see anyone else doing exactly what we wanted quite as well as Canny does it.”

So, they decided to give Canny a try.


Felix, who was in charge of researching tools and getting Canny up and running, found the whole process incredibly easy.

“It was very smooth and easy. Getting the whole platform set up was really quick.”

He was also impressed with the integrations. From Intercom to SalesForce, everything they needed was available and easy to connect.

Canny is now primarily managed by the Customer Success team. Within Canny, they regularly discuss feedback, respond to customers, update statuses, and so on.

However, nearly everyone in the company looks at their Canny board on a regular basis.

Knak’s C-level team loves it, and the development team also likes to see what customers are requesting.

“We use a lot of tech here, and of all the things we’ve brought on, nobody’s had anything bad to say. Everyone’s a fan.”


The main benefit of using Canny was finally having a centralized view of all customer feedback.

“Gathering and analyzing feedback is so much more quick and efficient now, and it’s saving us a lot of time.”

Knak also actively uses the Changelog, as they release a lot of features. With Canny’s Changelog, they can now easily communicate updates to customers.

“Our users aren’t in the dark about what has been done and what hasn’t—they’re immediately notified whenever we ship something.”

Internally, Felix is a fan of the filtering feature, which allows teams to get more insights, and helps a lot with prioritization.

“It just confirms whether you’re working on the right things.”

When it comes to whether a specialized feedback tool is needed or not, Felix says:

“I would say do it. It gives you a holistic view of feedback, which is very hard to have without a tool like this. For the cost, it’s an easy win.”

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