RUBBER DUCK TOUR CHINA First Stop: Qingdao International Sailing Center

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The RUBBER DUCK TOUR CHINA is starting soon, with the first stop at Qingdao International Sailing Center!

The Qingdao International Sailing Centre is a sailing marina located on the former site of the Beihai Shipyard by Qingdao’s Fushan Bay at Shandong Province in China. It was constructed for the 2008 Summer Olympics. It hosted the Olympic and Paralympics Sailing competitions. The Qingdao Olympic Sailing Center covers 45 hectares, comprising a 30 hectare competition area and 15 hectare area for development after the Games.

During daytime, the view is spectacular. Facing the Yellow Sea , the main breakwater with spectator seating, windmills, flags and lighthouse was also the viewing area for the sailing competitions when not on the spectator ferry. Across the bay, the famous May 4th monument and Qingdao’s landmark seaside building are easily visible. At night, a laser light show from the main breakwater lighthouse would play from early evening to midnight.

The great environment of the center makes a perfect place for the Rubber Duck to float and pass by. We sincerely invite everyone to come to Qingdao International Sailing Center and enjoy a delightful day with the Rubber Duck!





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