Mochou Lake Park, Nanjing
10/18 – 11/17


About Mochou Lake Park:

Mochou Lake is situated west of Hanzhong Lu Station and it covers just over 116 acres in area. Being the most famous and popular park in Nanjing, Mochou Lake got the name from a beautiful legend about Mochou (479-502AD), girl from Luoyang in Henan Province and moved to Nanjing to marry the Luo’s, a wealthy family in Nanjing. She was very warm-hearted and kind. To commemorate her, people named the lake after her, and built a statue in the Park.


Mochou Lake wasn’t always a lake, as it appears to be today, having previously been very much an undistinguishable part of the Yangtze River, which since meandered in such a way that the channel which is now Mochou Lake became more and more distinguished, eventually forming the separated lake it is today. In the late 1920s, the lake was reconstructed and turned into a beautiful attraction, hosting an array of plant life and natural features which complement the constructions that serve as a collection of entertainment venues for visitors.