Future Ark, Nanming River, Guiyang
07/04 – 09/07



Zhongtian Urban Development Group, World Carnival


About Future Ark:

Located in Yunyan, Yu-An and An-Jing-Pian District, the eastern part of the old Guiyang City, Future Ark is at the starting point of downstream area of Nanming River. The river runs through the area, contributing to a very splendid landscape. The total area is about 9.6 square kilometers, construction land 5600 hectares, building area about 720 cubic meters, being planned to accommodate approximately 17 million of residents. The project is collaborated by numerous world-class architectural, landscapes planning, and design companies.


The project development is under a 5-year time frame, it will become the sub-center of Guiyang city which combines world-class tourist attraction, integrated livable city and iconic ecological corridor. The project will bring forth reconstruction of city space and renew city image.